How can I move on? I miss him like crazy?

We were never committed, but hung out quite a bit and acted like a couple. That last about a month,and then things got distant and we didn't really talk. After about a week, we hungout a few days in a row and then we didn't speak again. Two weeks later, he calls me saying he misses me etc (obvious bootycall) and haven't heard from him since.Until last weekend I drunk dialed him and some girl answered and I immediately hung up. I have no plans on ever speaking to him again. I know he's bad news and not into me or wanting a relationship. But I keep dreaming about him, still think about him everyday etc. I miss him like crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to call me trying to fix things, but I'm not interested in playing games. What should I say to him if he does (taking the high road response though)? and how can I move on?


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  • What you are experiencing isn't love, most women are attracted to "players" and "badboys" so obviously you don't have sincere feelings for him but rather a strong attraction towards him. This means that you will get over him in no time and that if you stay away from him you will one day wonder why you were ever attracted to him.

    If he calls you again, I think you should simply say "Hey, I am a bit busy now, gotta go, bye" just like that. But you have to remember to do this every time he calls, so after a while he will get bored and leave you alone. :-) hope it helped


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  • Aren't there lots of attractive guys in the world? Go to a gym and there are probably 50 cute guys there.

  • The answer lies in two statements of your own.

    - "I miss him like crazy?" (question title).

    - "What should I say to him if he does" (second last sentence).

    • very helpful, thank you.

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  • This is just me but I start talking/going out (but not exactly dating) with another guy. It reminds me of how there are plenty of guys out there who would appreciate my company.


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