I got emotional when my boyfriend told me his parents are getting divorced. Is this normal?

My boyfriend recently told me that his parents want to get divorced and almost immediately I teared up (He doesn't know this since he told me on the phone). He has two younger brothers 18 and 11. The divorce isn't going to really affect my boyfriend and his brother that is 18 because they understand the situation and whatnot but I'm really concerned for his youngest brother. It's going to be really hard on him. My parents got divorced when I was a kid and it was tough. It took about three years before I could really accept it. So that's why it upset me when my boyfriend told me this. I don't want his brother to have to go through what I did. And it was a huge surprise to me because they seem happy together or at least civil but I guess that's only because I'm there around them and the family.

I guess what I'm really asking is do I have a right to be upset? My boyfriend said it makes him sad but I felt like it hurt me more. I'm close with his family and they consider me a part of theirs. I don't want them to get divorced.


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  • You have every right to be upset about his parents getting a divorce. You obviously care so much for your boyfriend that you don't want his family to go through what your family went through. My parents are divorced and it was one of the hardest times that I've ever gone through and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I think it's sweet that you're so close to their family that you got upset when you heard this news. It shows what a loving person you are and your boyfriend should be pleased that you acted that way, it shows your love for him and his family. I know that no one wants them to get divorced but if this is their choice then all you can do is make sure that the youngest brother knows that you are there for him if he ever needs to talk to someone and make sure that your boyfriend knows that you're there for him and his family through this time. Just be as supportive and understanding as you can, it'll help them so much if you do.


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  • Maybe you love him so much you feel for him


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  • Yes, you can relate that's why you got so emotional.

    Your parents divorce was a very traumatic event for you during your childhood.

    Hearing this happen to someone you care for brought up all those old feelings you used to have.


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