Signs of emotional cheating?

What Do you think the signs are for emotional cheating? Do you think hiding texts from your spouse and him from his spouse is considered a form of cheating? Even if nothing sexual is said just talking about personal things but both parties agree to keep it a secret and delete the messages all the time so know one will see them? Do you think there is an attraction on both ends when this has started to happen?


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  • Not necessarily. Generally there's more to it than that such as abnormally standoff-ish behavior.

    • In who's case? This is between me and another married guy. Thing is we are all friends I am friends with his wife. It was him that decided that we Should delete what we were talking about

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    • I kind of don't want it to stop but I am looking for feedback if this is going to turn into something more later on or if you think he is attracted to me too? I mean he obviously trusts me to confide personal stuff to me and I to him and secrets he has done that his wife doesn't know about. Is he thinking more along the lines of me being a friend to him or does he like me more than a friend?

    • That I cannot say. What I can tell you is that if you wish for this to continue you must make it glaringly clear that it is not to be romantic. Of course it is also a question of other behaviors, as I said, particularly because some things you cannot tell to certain people even if they are your spouse simply because you know that they ... Hm. Just because you cannot.

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