Why would he dump you via FB and why'd he dump me?

ok I was told by my boyfriend via FB, for me not to bother him no more, and that he" can't take this sh*t", he said he don't hate me, but he just wants me to leave him alone, and he didn't tell me what I did, or what was the problem that's all he said, I am so horribly confused, seeing as I don't think I've done anything to him to deserve this.


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  • I'm going to guess that one of the things which annoyed him is that you never listen.

    Chances are this didn't blow up out of nowhere. He'd been complaining for a while, and you just weren't taking it in or taking it seriously.

    • naw if anything I tried talking with him, but he stopped talking, he told me he doesn't want to talk to anyone or rather he just doesn't open up to anyone. I really am confused, so if he don't tell me what the problem is I will never know. I don't know whatever I may have done I am sure it ain't that bad, he just closed himself off to me idunno

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  • 1st of all, you need to give him space. That's what he is asking you. Don't text him or call him, don't ask his friends. Don't contact him at all!

    I know it's hard, but it's the best thing for him atm. When he feels ready, he will talk to you about that. If he doesn't, then you can text him and ask him to at least tell you why... Tell him you respected his request, but you need to know why.

    And when I say don't contact him I am saying 1.5-2 weeks, not one day or two.


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  • are you sure it was him? call him and see what's going on. you deserve the truth not via fb

    • well I don't see anyone else who would say it, he told me not to even bother to go grab my ipod at his place or when I tried questioning him he just swore at me, so I don't know I am giving him time to cool down, idunno I'm kinda too afraid to even go and see him to make a fool out of myself, sheesh

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    • i know he totally used me! he asked me when we first started dating, that he can have it I repeatedly said no, then I thought about it and I told him he can have it, to use it but if we break up he has to give me back, it was solely to listen to music when he is going through some things, since it is what helps him through hard times, but he just totally claimed it on me, I tried many times to get it back but I wouldn't even know how to go beyond that

    • get your parents involved, or the police,he will cough it up

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