Why does my boyfriend show no affection?

So I'm I'm the 8th grade and I have a boyfriend. Its not like we actually go on dates or anything. We just hang out at school and on weekends and call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. So he and his ex used to hug and kiss and all that and he even told his other ex that he loves her! reminder: we are 14 years old and ik he doesn't actually love her but really?! So me and my boyfriend are neighbors so we see each other a lot and when we see each other its not like he's with his friends and stuff so why won't he even hug me anymore? cause he used to. He won't even kiss me. Ugh. My Appearance: skinny, abs, long straight brown hair and a pretty face.


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  • 36+ years old and on the 8th grade. Damn our education system really has failed...


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  • "So I'm I'm the 8th grade..." See, that's your problem right there ...


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  • It could be anything. Maybe he's shy, and it was his ex who initiated all of that? Maybe he regretted moving fast with her and so doesn't want to do that this time? Maybe he's just not into you?

    It's hard to say. The only way to find out is for you to ask him. It's a good idea to get into the habit of communicating all your concerns with your partner in your relationships. I'm 21 and STILL working on that haha. And don't listen to the people saying you're too young. I was 13 (in 8th grade) when I had my first boyfriend. It was very similar to your relationship now. :) But we dated 8 months and never even kissed hahaha.

    Good luck!


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