Give me time to think

So I known this girl for around 6month and have been asking her out but was rejected all 3 times. We are close friends.

Then last night I confessed my feelings all the way and how that

i like her so much there is no either way and that I respect any answer because I respect her, but if I had the chance I would give it 100% of effort.

She said "why are you trying so hard?" then she kinda cried I think because she kept rubbing both of her eyes frequently and was silent for most of the time.(shes usualy talkative). Then she gives me this answer. " Please give me some time to think"

She also brought up this question:

"How do you see us together? I'm going back to japan in 3 month." In return I'd said that's not even a problem.

So the question is:

What is the current Situation?

How long of a time should I give her?

Is this still salvagable?

She said she likes me but don't want to jump into relationship


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  • Maybe she's keeping her distance knowing that you're moving away. By getting emotionally invested to you now, she'll risk getting more emotionally attached to you and being hurt when you leave.

    She's probably pretty torn, which is why she asked for time to think.

    • So what should I do now?

    • All you can do now is respect her wishes and give her the time she needs to come to her decision. I know it's the hardest thing to just sit back and wait, but I'm sure she'll appreciate you that much more if you do give her that time.

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