Should I wish my ex Happy Birthday?

It's my ex girlfriends birthday today. I don't want to go into the history of why it was over, but it was my decision and she agreed. Yes, I still have feelings for her, but more 'not' that serious feeling anymore. I was wondering if it was appropriate or am I opening up old wounds? Is she going to think I still like her, which I don't want her too, it's better at this time we are just friends? It's just bad timing.

FYI, she forgot my birthday, but I don't want her to think that if I don't at least acknowledge her BD, I am upset about it, because I am over it already. I just wanted to be a nice guy and wish her HB. Also we agreed it was better to see other people, I don't know, FB has made my life so complicated? Any suggestions?


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  • How long ago was the split and have you guys spoken since? I would Just send a simple generic HBD message. I do that with some of my ex's were the split was amicable. She might be bitter abiut the split, but you know her and even if she doesn't acknowledge your message she will understand that you just want to be cool with her


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