GUYS: if you liked a girl...?

As either a

--Shy/Awkard Guy

--Typically Outgoing Guy

If you liked a girl... Would you:

--Choose to sit right next to her in class-even if there plenty of other seating options-several being a lot easier to get to from where you entered the room

--Rarely go up directly to talk to her, but be incredibly awkward and shy when you do talk to her.

--Catch her eye across the room and just stare in her eyes for what feels like forever, kinda throwing your head back like your laughing at a joke together, only it's silent and no one else knows about it.

--Hug her kinda hard/awkward, unless you're alone

If not, what would you do?


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  • Hi,

    By like a girl I'm going to assume we've actually spoken. In that case, I would sit next to her and be myself. If I got there first I would sit where I was comfortable and go from there. I don't understand the whole stare at her and then act like a joke went on. I'm pretty sure that could be construed as insanity. Aside from that, a guy will sit by who he feels comfortable around. If you want him to sit by you then you should probably do just that.


    • Haha yeah his bus comes in late, so I was there first. And yes we've talked briefly in between classes. he came and sat in the seat right next to me-which he didn't have to do cause there were a lot of other empty seats in several other rows, as well as other chairs even in my row that was easy to access. (meaning he could of juts sat 1-2 seats down from me if he didn't want to sit that close)

    • As for the staring thingy, it's just so hard to explain.. ha ha that one was actually a different guy I know..who's from a super conservative family= romantic stuff kinda awkward.. basically he's to shy to talk to me 101, even though our families are close, and so instead he does things like I described, raises his eyebrows,facial expressions etc.-basically talking across the room through facial expressions rather then words..He always kinda lights up and has sparkly eyes when he does this

    • Okay, I've done the thing you described now. It was with a close friend of mine and we mimed everything across the room.

      The guy that sat next to you is either interested or he could just like sitting next to you. You might smell really good, he might be forced to pay attention to the teacher because he thinks your smart, or he might just like sitting next to people be knows. You can play into something all you want or just talk to him more.


  • I'd sit where ever I was comfortable and could learn what I'm paying to attend class for. If I want to talk to a particular girl, I'll strike up a conversation before class starts out in the hall, and then walk with her into class and pick a seat were we can sit next to one another.


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