Am I just another rebound girl?

My boyfriend is only 25 and he has had 4 or 5 serious girlfriends in the past. I am 24 and this is my first real relationship, really excited, but I am worried about getting hurt. He is on good terms with all of his exes which I find a little odd, maybe one or 2, but not 5.

He broke up with his last girlfriend (he says) 3 months ago, I was guessing it was a little less by his hesitation. I found a few things strange on our first date, he instantly asked if there was anyone in my life, which I thought odd, because we had just kissed. If there had been someone in my life I certainly wouldn't be kissing him I said. I said the last person I went out with was about a year ago and he was now engaged to be married. I wasn't really interested in that I was interested in us, but he wanted to know. So I asked him back and he told me about his last girlfriend, and he said she cheated on him. He suddenly looked very solemn answering and when I asked is he over her, he said oh yeah, definitely she is a knob. I thought great there isn't anything to worry about then.

A week later, he brought it up to me out of the blue that his ex-girlfriend had broken up with the guy she cheated him with, he'd seen it on Facebook and laughed. I thought then I'm not sure he is entirely over her, not sure its a topic you bring up to your new girlfriend. Again I asked so do you feel inclined to go back to her? He said again NO! she is a knob.

The most recent worrying thing is Christmas came around and he was playing in the Christmas carol concert, and she was singing with him. The rehearsal came and he couldn't wait to take me down there, he asked if I wanted to watch them rehearse. I said yes at first and then said sorry I feel really uncomfortable being around your ex-girlfriend. He looked at me as if I was being unreasonable, said she was just a normal person and just left me with his parents for about 4 hours, who I barely knew.

I went to watch the carol concert and had to watch them singing together. Him and his mum both started telling me what an amazing singer she is. He said to me wasn't she good? I just felt like a lemon, to be fair she was, but do you really say this to your new girlfriend?

I am getting worried. He was really romantic with me at first, but after 4 weeks the romance has just died. He keeps saying he needs to have time on his own, as if I annoy him.

I am worried that with his many girlfriends in the past, he is one of those people that can't be out of a relationship, and will get into one no matter whether he likes her or not. A friend of his mentioned to me that he is 'nesting creature'. I wasn't sure what this meant, but I guess it just means he likes being in a relationship.

Am I rebound girl?


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  • Not necessarily. There's also a difference between being over someone, and still being Hirt by what they did.

    Even though he may never want to see her again, it still may hurt him that someone did at to him.

    Still, of your uncomfortable ring with him in this situation, or if you feel like it isn't worth the risk, than just leave.


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  • if the romance died after 4 weeks, I would leave.

    at this stage of a relationship, he should try to spend every minute together with you.


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