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Sooo this is a long story that I've GREATLY condensed lol, I can tell you the full thing via message if you're interested but yeaaa, met this chick on a dating website, and we've played a lot of xbox together, we only live 20 min apart but we've only met once, she's come up with an excuse or ignored me every time I've tried to make plans occasionally claiming that she doesn't make plans and does everything on the fly, since then she's rebounded me a few times seemingly twice for the same guy, come to me for advice, and lied to me quite a bit, so when I finally called her out on her bullsh*t and told her I thought it was best we go our separate ways, a few days later she IMed me on Facebook saying "im sorry". I am not a chump, I'm just a good guy who is waaay too humble for his own good, so even after she put me through hell for the last few months I still felt the need to tell her that we could still be friends but I needed space, so its been a month, she's got a boyfriend now (the guy she was casually dating and rebounded me for at least twice imo) and I was just not saying anything to her, about 2 weeks ago she changed her netflix password (im assuming he told her to change it because she was letting me use it) and a few days ago she randomly messaged me on xbox asking if we could play together, I said okay and only planned on playing for alittle bit but we ended up playing for like 6 hours like we used to back in the day, and a few days later she texted me a bit (I let her chase) and then we played for a few hours again. so I have to say that I truly enjoy her company and playing xbox with her its always a good time, but I can't help but think about how bad she f***ed me over and kind of ruined my summer, so I'm not sure if I should just suck it up and just enjoy myself playing xbox with her or if I should bring up wanting to clear the air next time we play although she knew of my feelings and I expressed exactly how I felt a few times in the past


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  • "I am not a chump, I'm just a good guy who is waaay too humble for his own good" - I like that, I may steal that.

    And I'm confused, you said you met her once, but she rebounded on you a few times? Anyway, is playing xbox online with her going to be that problematic? I mean, she's not there in person or anything right? Is the feeling still so intense that it'd bother you to be around her avatar?

    If so, then yeah you may as well bring it up. Be transparent with her. It's just xbox, after all. =P

    • let's not forget, xbox life is not just sitting in front of your TV with a controller in your hands, it's also communicating with your team via the headset during the game. so he is listening to her voice while playing.

    • yea that's the problem she's kind of energetic and somewhat flirty, and its not just xbox she texts me alittle too

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  • It sounds to me like your a nice guy...yet you give people chance, after chance, after chance, after chance. You may not pick up on it but they will and sometimes people use your kindness against you. I'm not telling you to be mean or anything but put your foot down and let the person know how you feel. I'm the same way, I give people more chances than they deserve and I'm always worried about other peoples feelings when they don't care about mine. You should really think about this next time this person wants to play with you or whatever. I hope this helps..


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  • make a clean cut and kick her out of your xbox profile.

    every time you play with here might be fun, but will also hurt you, this will probably never change.

  • In the wise words of Mark:

    "Friendzone that hoe and move on bro."

    Don't bother giving your feelings to someone who is now beneath you.


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