I think myboyfriend cheated on me :(

I strongly feel that my boyfriend had a affair with another girl but I have no proof.

I have really gut instincts and I just know I'm right about this.

My instincts tells me its true but I'm afraid that I'm just paranoid because my boyfriend keeps emphasising nothing happened between him and this girl. But we bumped into her last week and her eyes gleamed and was so happy that she saw him, she was wayyyy too keen and ignored me.

I don't feel comfortabl at all with her being friends with him... Will I be a possessive/jeolous/bad girlfriend if I tell him to stop being friends with her?

And how can I get him to be honest about what happened with him and her? Or stop being paranoi and believe him when he says nothing is going on?


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  • The way I feel about this whole "Is my significant other cheating!?" scenario is, if you think they're cheating or you're worried about them cheating, break up. The whole point of having a girlfriend or boyfriend is to make your life better; to bring you happiness. As well as sharing your life with someone else. Is having a boyfriend worth the stress of always wondering about him?

    You would indeed be possessive, jealous, etc. if you suggest that he stop talking to her since it's his job to decline advances from others out of respect for you and your relationship.

    You can't. You can only trick him by saying you won't be upset and then regretting it for knowing the possible truth.

    • Will I be a really bad girlfriend if I ask him nicely to back off and distance himself from her?

    • Not a "really" bad girlfriend but some would argue that you would be a bad one.

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  • Gut instincts have to do with feelings not events. If you sense that this girl is attracted to him, that's one thing. Why do you assume that means he took advantage of that? Is he the type who would do that? Does he act as if he's attracted to her? Every man (and woman) has opportunities to cheat but not all act on them. Without more to go on, you have to either trust your feelings (or the conclusions you draw from them) or trust his word. He can't prove that didn't cheat so he has no other means to win your trust.


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  • Gut feelings are usually right. But he may not have cheated on you with her.. maybe she's just attracted to him. That doesn't mean that he's had sex with her, even though it's still not an appropriate relationship.

    Try to discuss it with him. Don't demand that he stop talking to her right up front. Just bring it up and see how he reacts. If he acts shady about it, dump him.


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