What should I do? Tell him again or just let it be?

Long story short me and my ex have stayed friends with beniefits for the last 4 years. We dated for two and broke up, shortly after both of us got into another relationship with diffrent people. But still continued to sleep together. ( I know its wrong and has bit both of us in the ass a few times, he tells on me I tell on him its a constent thing with us). Well recently I have gotten in a serouse relationship or what I would consider a serouse relationship. And me and him are thinking about getting married in a year and are tring to have a child now. So that means I am off of birth control and am taking fertility drugs to get pregnat. Now, recently my ex became single and my boyfriend went to jail. I have told my ex that I am off birthcontrol and on fertility drugs and the first few times we had sex after I told him he pulled out but then shortly after went back to not. Should I tell him again, I have already done so 3 times. I am okay if I get pregnant by him, just don't know if he is okay with it.


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  • Umm, please take control of your life woman!

    You're being controlled for only one thing.

    • not really sure how this means don't have control of my own life... I have very much control over my life. I have my own place and everything I need. I'm 25 years old and ready for a child. I asked why would he still be nutting inside me if he didn't want a child.. and if I should bring up the issue with him again

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