I feel like I need a reminder my ex may be an ex for a reason? advice?

I feel like I need a reminder my ex may be an ex for a reason!? advice?

I know my ex still have some feelings for me. He broke it off because of college and plus I was a virigin. It has been some time now and he did say how he wanted to be with me in the future. He was my first boyfriend and still love and care for him. I know that people say an ex is an ex for a reason but I may need a reminder with a part 2 to our relationship. Or maybe it will end happily ever after. Let's be real its people who break up all the time in real life and get back together years later and some don't. But I miss him and I am ready for sex now...lol advice please


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  • I'm not clear about his reasons to break things off. He would not stay with you because you chose to remain a virgin? How was college involved with this decision? Would you have stayed with him if he had not broken it off? Usually people break up because of personality problems that rarely go away despite pleas and promises. It doesn't sound like that was the case here. Was there something other than circumstances involved that should still be a warning to you? I'm sorry to respond with so many questions but I feel like some pieces are missing.

    • He went away to college. He said he wanted to focus on himself. Maybe any ideas?

    • From the background given, I'm not clear if he's expressed interest in you recently or if you more feel this is the case. That is, does he want to reconnect or are you thinking about whether to reconnect with him? Perhaps in either case, the safe way to reconnect is to start from scratch rather than to jump in where you left off.

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  • Nobody can remind you except yourself. Search your heart and mind and tell yourself why this guy is out of your life and what consequences good and bad will you have to pay if you get back or hook up with him again. Do the bad consequences outweigh the good ones? If so, don't get back with him under any circumstances (sexual or otherwise)...but if you honestly and RATIONALLY believe that the good consequences will outweigh the bad ones, then maybe a relationship is worth a try if you and HIM are ready to do and approach things differently.

    Either/Or you must be a new and changed person who has learned from your experience with your Ex.

    Keep options open but don't feel that you have to fall back on old relationships. The past is the past.


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  • Well, some people break up and then they get back together. They fix what was wrong in the past and then everything is alright. You should ask yourself if you really want to be with that person again and if he wants the same. If that's the case, you should make sure that there's no reason for a break up again. Perhaps you can make things work out again,


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