Touched his leg lightly, he didn't move. Interested or not?

I was stood next to the guy I like with my thumbs in my jeans pocket. My fingers if my hand were lightly touching his thigh. He didn't move it and I stood there for about 5 minutes and didn't move my hand. Neither did he move it when I had to bend down and my butt touched his leg!

Interested or not? He gives me the impression he is but comes across cool sometimes. Also he talks to other girls but not me.


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  • okaaay, so he doesn't move when you stand next to the guy?... That seems normal to me. So you bent down and your a** touched his leg... big deal?... You're between 30 and 35 and you sound like you're freaked out by this... You should get out more.

    It doesn't mean he's interested, nor it doesn't mean he's not. Yeah, he talks to other girls. When a man wants to date a girl, he considers his options and talks to more girls than just one...

    ... no offense, you sound like your 16 and you're new to this dating game. Am I right?

    I apologize in advance if I sound rude, but this should be stuff that you already know.

    • Long time not single!

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    • By accident I only thought I'd given you thumbs up. Bu t chill not the end of the world only a question.

    • what's with changing the subject? eh? eeeeehh? *nudge nudge* common. Tell snowboarder720 the truth. You can trust me, I won't tell anybody. It's really just a number. Why would you want to hide your age? This question isn't worth changing your age or anything.

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  • He probably wasn't even aware of your touch.


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  • i wouldn't think much of it


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