Why, all of a sudden, am I starting to have feelings again for my 3rd ex girlfriend?

I've had 5 girlfriends in the past and I for some reason, just started to think about her and I was in love with her back when we were together. She was somewhat psycho but not schizophrenic psycho. She was had some self esteem issues and insecurities and did use to take them out on me which didn't hurt (emotionally) but annoyed the hell of me. Her passion for love and stuff was very good and I liked that a lot, especially when we had sex. Why am I thinking about her though?
Another quick question totally unrelated to this: Why am I so apathetic to sad things that happen? I feel almost nothing when sad things happen (example: The Newton School Shooting. I felt nothing when I heard about the children who were murdered).


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  • Perhaps you're not over her. However, what is more concerning is your update that seems to have nothing to do with your question. As for why you feel no sympathy for sad things is beyond me. Perhaps you should work on that, no offense intended.

    • None taken. I put that question there because it just hit me after I was watching a vlog from SHAYTARDS about the school shooting

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