Express my doubts? or no.... PLEASE HELP! (girls opinions needed)

Ive moved an hour away from my girlfriend of 2 months and I have some things that bug me a bit that I'm hesitant to talk about. I know in a relationship you should be open about your feelings and everything but I always hear that girls don't like when guys are insecure about something i.e girls cheating on them. I know my girlfriend is a wonderful girl and I really cannot see her cheating on me but these days you never know anymore :/ I've been cheated on in the past so its something that still sort of haunts me when it comes to relationships.

Should I tell her about my fear and risk looking really insecure?


not tell her and keep it to myself

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  • Talk to her about it. So what you heard SOME girls don't like it when guys are insecure? Some guys don't like it when girls are insecure, does that mean nothing should be said at all and you should keep on feeling like that? No, ofcourse not! If you explain to her what you feel and why you feel that way, she'll understand and won't dislike it, but she'll be glad you trusted her and valued the relationship enough to work on it and let her know how you feel about things. So I suggest you let her know how you feel, what made you feel like that and talk about it with her.

    • well I just don't want her thinking badly of me and see me as just being that insecure boyfriend -.-

      I don't think there is a girl out there who thinks its attractive if a guy is insecure about their relationship. I do want to talk to her about it but I don't even know how to bring it up in conversation.There's quite a few things I want to know about her that I don't know how to bring up. I.e sexual experience or views

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    • okay, I will try. Ill write it down on a note pad so I can get an idea of what to cover. You don't think this could be risky or needy in any way?

    • If you talk about it once, and let her know how you feel and don't act like a baby, I doubt she'll have any issues with it. Just be firm, mature, and talk about it :)

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  • Either you're honest and insecure, or you hide something and are insecure. I vote being honest. Maybe she can reassure you and make you feel better.


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  • Don't do it.

    this is just you being neurotic. She's not your therapist. Inevitably it will make her feel like you blame her for making you feel this way.

    • In a relationship though you both have to try your best to make the other person feel comfortable. Its not a game with emotions like everyone make it out to be, it should be a strong trusting bond and not a guessing game. I don't have complete trust in her quite yet in our relationship so its hard to not think about cheating. Also that's why'd Id explain how I was cheated on before in a relationship when I thought everything was good and fine.

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    • ensure me that she is not going to cheat, tell me how she feels about me and that she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that. Give me some examples of things she does do that would show those feeling are true and that she isn't just flinging sh*t at me.

      Basically assure me that her feelings for me are true and that I can trust her

    • You don't really just mean once, do you. You want constant reassurance and declarations of love from her.

      I understand how you feel. I also recognize it comes from a place of insecurity.

      A healthy relationship means trying to meet way others -needs- but also letting each person handle their own sh*t.

      This is your sh*t, unless she is actually giving you reason to rationally think she's cheating. Handle your sh*t.

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