Can this situation heal? How will I deal with my girlfriend right now?

My gf's dad always forces her to marry but she is very free-spirited in nature. This year she went on a trip against their family wishes, and the trip is conducted through my mom's organization. Before going there things got cool on the final day when she was about to leave. There was no dirty conversation till that point. But her dad asked her to promise that since her dad listened to her wish, she should listen to her dad after coming back, and all such nonsense promises he wanted her to make. But she didn't want to...

After coming back, she totally disagreed to marry (ofcourse) and wants to first set her career and become stable with herself. This made her dad very angry and upset. One day she came to my home for 15 min and her dad found that out and started to scream at my mom over phone.

He didn't have any bad thoughts I guess, but perhaps in that madness he made the call and screamed over phone.

He never had any such bad convo with me though.

So, my question is can this situation heal? How will I deal with my girlfriend right now...

P.S: Her dad doesn't know about us being together. To him, we are only friends...


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  • Is your girlfriend upset with you about any of this? I'm not sure what healing needs to happen between the two of you. I don't think you can hope to make progress with her father. He seems to be rather extreme.

    • No my girlfriend is not upset with me at all... But I am talking about healing the situation happening. Can you advise about anything that can heal the situation?

    • What should I do now about this?

    • The entire problem is between your girlfriend and her father. I don't know what you can do to help that conflict. If you become involved with her father in any way, it will probably make this worse. If you can support her that would help her but I can see that even doing this will be difficult. So much depends on how well she can stand firm on her goals against his demands. These include you. Hopefully there will be a day that he accepts her for who she is as you do.

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