Should I make contact with this girl or not? She moved away but I liked her.

I meet this girl during the summer at a local pub where she was a server , we sort of clicked and she was single but nothing really happened and then a couple weeks ago she moved down to florida for school . I really did like her and I think we had a lot in common but I only meet her at work so .

but anyways I just found her on Facebook , had tried to find her a couple weeks back but couldn't but today came across her account . would it be OK to send her a message or something ? I really though she was a neat girl or is it just too weird and waste of time as she moved on but she will be coming back to this area as family has a cottage here


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  • Well, if you really clicked then I think you should hit her up, send her a message a see where it goes from there, its not a waste of time and its not weird, even if you don't end up with her you would have gained a good friend, its a win win


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  • i think that you should just go for it, there is nothing to lose


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