Could her feelings towards me have changed?

I have been really good friends with this girl for about 5 years now. Everyone knows I have been crushing on her since 4th grade when I first met her. We are now both 18, almost 19. For a while she would refer to me as her 'brother' and it crushed all hopes of a romantic relationship. Then she got a boyfriend and they have been together for almost one 1/2 years, which further crushed all hope in a romantic relationship.

For the past year I haven't made much effort to spend time with her and we haven't talked much either. In the brief moments that I have gone to her house, one of her concerts, or to her church I have noticed she is more eager to hug or just make physical contact in general. She also mentions stuff similar to 'I almost stopped by your work on Tuesday night when I got off, but I wasn't sure if you would be there or not'. This weekend me spent a lot of time together. We went to a dance party and after the party when we were all gather at our cars I mentioned how I really didn't want to drive home and she eagerly offered to drive me home and back up to the college on Tuesday, and she kept giving reasons to drive me home even though she, and everyone else, knew I could drive home. (I was sober and consumed no alcohol). Then she made an off comment about how she wouldn't see anyone the next day, so I jokingly said 'I will come see you at your church!".

The next day I didn't visit her at her church because I jokingly said it and thought she knew I was joking. She texted me asking if I was coming or not. I told her I was too busy to come by and that she should come to a potluck lunch at my church. She came to the potluck and was again more physical than usual. After all our friends had left the potluck, she stayed after and we talked for a good half-hour before she had to leave.

I know she still has a boyfriend, which makes her 'off limits'. But I just need to know, for my own ego, if her feelings have possibly shifted from me being her brother to me being a potential romantic partner if she ever becomes single.


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  • You are very important to her, otherwise she'd had not seen you while still "taken." You have a head start on having a great relationship with her. Having a girlfriend who is also a best friend is one of the best ones to have. These relationships tend to last a long time. If she ever becomes single and you two get together, I think you have a very good chance at a keeper. Just keep in mind, you met her first. Since both of you are still relatively young adults, don't fret so much about the other guy. I speak for myself, but when I was younger, I wasn't looking for Prince Charming right away. I needed to know what sort of guy was best for me. Keep your head up and don't ignore her. From what you've written, she's always managed to give you her time!


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