Sick & tired of my partner's mother, should I break up with him again?

Myself & my partner have been together more than 7 years & I'm sick to death if his mother interfering in our lives & him not standing up to her... I'm always made out to be the bad guy because I will ever so politely tell her it's not her concern or business. We have a4 yo son she interferes & has opinionson the way we bring him up... Her new problem at the moment now is that we broke up for awhile & got back together & are trying to work things out! She is saying I'm using my partner for money! The funny thing is that I earn a lot more than him so she can't back it up... Tbh I'm thinking of deleting both of them out of my life we've broken up because of her before! His not sticking up to her is driving me insane & I have said it to him. I want a man not a mouse it feels as though I'm in a relationship with him & his mother.

Has anyone any advice plz?

Should I break up with him again?

I can't stand her opinions & interference anymore!

She is just such a negative weird person one day she's in good form the next she's ringing criticising everything we do. please help. She is starting to push so hard that I fear having my son around her & I'm really starting to hate my partner & his strange fear of his crazy mother


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  • Just ignore the mom


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