How soon is too soon to move along?

I dated my now ex for about 2 years, and a half, and this was my very first relationship. We talked for a bit before we dated, but it mostly just happened. I loved him very much (still do), and well I'd like to think he did too. He broke up with me about a month ago, and sure he gave some reasons as to why he did, but he did so very vaguely. I don't feel like I got closure? And if to add salt to the wound a week after he broke up with me he began dating someone else. He told me numerous times that while we were together nothing happened, or anything, but how is it that after we spent so much time together he didn't have a problem getting back out there? I still love him, less and less as a partner, but still somewhat as a friend, and now he doesn't speak to me or anything. After the split he told me there was no way he could get me out of his life so easily considering all we had gone through, and he would remain my friend, but now we don't even have that? So how soon is too soon?


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  • I think that a week is too soon, but considering you dated for more than 2 years, than I think that after 2-3 months is long enough. This is just my opinion though, there is no time too soon, just as long as you are ready.

    I think in your case, he was ready before he broke up with you, that's why he took so little time to recover. He probably suffered the pain of the break-up before you 2 actually broke up, so when the actual break-up happened, it was like he already lived it so he didn't need time.

    • Haa man you're good. He did mention to have felt like we had already broken up before he even did it. (he told me this after he ended it).

    • Happy to have helped you :)

  • There are no rules with love. You can't expect to be friends with an ex.


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