Should I tell his girlfriend he's cheating?

I'm 17, a while ago, a man came up to me and gave me his number. From visual inspection, he looked about in his lower 20's. That age difference didn't really matter to me, but once we texted and I got his full name and looked him up on social networking before saying yes to his date proposition... I found his Instagram, with pictures of his kids... 5 kids... he's 32... I also found his girlfriends Instagram. Not only was he lying to me, he's cheating on his girlfriend. He seems like he's done this before. Should I tell his girlfriend that he is cheating or just back off? I am really heartbroken, I'm not doing it out of revenge, but shouldn't she know her boyfriend is hitting on teenagers?
I told her, she didn't deny it at all, if anything she just called him an a**hole and told me he's done this a couple of times. I just feel better knowing I did the right thing.


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  • Yes, I think you should. She has the right to know and he's just going to keep doing it, someone should tell the poor girl.

    • @update: Good. At least she knows now. It's her decision if she wants to stay with a cheater or not. You did the right thing:)

    • Thanks for best answer! :)

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  • glad you made the right choice. people seem to think that a "snitch" or "rat" is a bad thing like some how they compare truth telling it to childish tattle telling. then there are people who will say well think about his family do want to ruin that... as if truth telling were a bad thing.

    as a person who's been cheated on I was extremely grateful to the person who had the character and cajones to tell me the truth

  • He has 5 kids. Think about it. He possibly has more if he is hitting on you.

    I would tell his girl for a simple reason. What if you were her? She is possibly taking care of his kids and trying to make a family while he is chasing you and another woman.

  • I would definitely tell her, she has a right to know before he screws her over more than he already has.

  • Yes, you should definitely tell her. She might not believe you, but she still has the right to know.

    • I'm glad that you told her and that she believed you. You did the right thing.

  • No. I mean nobody likes a rat, and you don't want to be that person.

    • The immaturity of this site is sickening.

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  • Why would you take a random mans number without knowing his name

    • He told me his name, but not his full name. I had to figure that out while we were talking.

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    • I obviously did, why in the world would I find out this information and just be like 'oh okay'. No, I cut him off, but not getting involved is another thing. They have KIDS together, she should know.

    • Why do you have to be the one to say something though? Dot be a snitch

      She can find out on her own

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