How to make the first move a positive one?

Guys seem to be going on about how girls making the first move is a turn on because it's confident, etc. So I ask you, guys, how does a girl make the first move to introduce herself without coming off as desperate, too needy, or just looking for a good time? Regardless of the setting because let's be honest, we can find good guys at bars and scumbags at Starbucks.


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  • In all honesty, there's one thing most guys here seem to not talk about, but that is that we are very much like you girls - if we are not attracted to you then there's not much really that can or will change that.

    So basically it's ...

    1) The guy has to be attracted to you, otherwise you are very, very likely to end up in the friend zone

    2) If you are attractive to him, then don't make the opening line like you are taking the piss out of him (one girl, a cute one, once approached me at my college library - I had never seem her before but apparently we were studying the same thing, but I was there often and her first words were "Do you live here?" ...instant "ignore-on" mode from me to her from then on)


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  • Just do it. Think about how a girl who trying to get some would do it and think about how a needy girl would do it, and find the medium. It's not hard.

  • Do anything! I would be happy unless I am running a marathon or changing an engine or something that is a very big project.


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