Could he being leading me on or just confused?

Ive been friends with this married man for a long time, but then one day he told me he and his wife are going through a divorce. He and I were close, good friends. Then the attraction started between us, we both fell for each other, so I think. Anyway we both agreed, until he is dirvorced we won't do anything, but something when wrong and we slept together. A month later my ex was back in the picture and this guy proclaims he was insecure and slept with his wife thought we were over? She then got pregnant and now they have a daughter, but according to him the divorce is still happening. He gets so emotional when we fight and got really upset and also when he described the fights with his wife. He has recently moved out and got his own place, but according to others, I believe they are living together? I get annoyed with him, cause he never contacts me after working hours, cause he is worried while visitng his daughter, she sees his phone, he is apparently protecting. Now I had enough and when I heard she was living with him, I told him its over, he was very upset. He gets upset when I talk to other guys or even flirt with them, but he is treating me like I don't exist, but you can see he is attracted to me, some people have seen it. I'm just very confused, could he be lying about his divorce? is it possible he loves me and his wife? I can see us not talking anymore gets to him, but I'm confused and think he is too, seeing that he is keeping so much from me? it feels like he is holding onto me, but is it fair considering he has his wife and child? Please advise.


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  • I'm sure you already know the answer to this.

    He's been stringing you on for longer than a year at least if his wife has had a baby. That's long enough to give a guy a chance to get divorced? I wouldn't find a man leaving his wife and child very attractive, but that's my opinion. It would just be a matter of time before he left you too. He's not confused he's very content in his situation and will tell you anything you need to hear to keep you on the side. He's having his cake and eating it too. Stop listening to your friends most people won't say anything to hurt your feelings. They'll lie along with you because it makes you happy.

    You already know what you need to do or you wouldn't be questioning it. What you need to be asking is, 'How do I get myself out of this situation?'

    It won't happen over night. I'd say talk to a counselor because I'm assuming you have some self esteem issues. Then get active with you friends, stay busy. Find hobbies you like that you will allow you to express your feelings (I prefer journaling and painting). I just have one canvas that I paint over and over again. Join to find activities to do in your area. You have to fill your life with things about you not a man.


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