Ex seems like he is in love with me, but he broke up with me not too long ago, is this normal?

My ex broke up with me a few weeks back because he was confused... he said he didn't know what he wanted. We'd been back and forth for months where he said he just didn't feel the same, but he didn't want to break up because he thought his strong feelings would come back. And he still wanted to see me all the time. But we did break up, because we both realized the passionate love wasn't there anymore.. we agreed to be friends and hang out still, and just recently became intimate again.

Is it possible to see someone loves you by the way they look at you during sex? Towards the end of our relationship the sex became different; I could tell by the way he looked at me or avoided eye contact that it was just about physical pleasure and not love.

But now, soon after our breakup, we started sleeping together and he is looking at me the way he used to ... he can't stop looking in my eyes and smiling at me and just seeming very intimate and passionate moreso than we were together. When we're not having sex he is this way as well - just when we're hanging out he can't seem to get enough of me.

It's like the beginning of our relationship was, when we couldn't stay away from each other, except we just broke up recently...

Is this normal? Could my instinct be right that he has fallen back in love with me, or is he just wanting a friends with benefits situation?


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  • Don't do this to yourself. If you want to have sex with him fine, but don't keep flip flopping with him. Even if he thinks he loves you, you know as soon as something gets difficult he'll be gone again. And you DO NOT want that type of instability. I did this to my ex and felt very bad about it. Every time I'd break up with him I'd always go back about a month later because I felt secure and confident in the fact that he loved me, even though I didn't love him. I've learned from my mistake and have grown. You need to see what's actually going on here and save yourself from heartache.


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