Is there something wrong with a guy who always breaks up with his girlfriend?

So this guy likes me but the only issue I have is that he's had 7 girlfriends in the past the longest being a little over three months and he has always broken up with them. I asked him the reasons for it and he says things like "she was annoying" or "she didn't know how to talk to guys" or "she wasn't that smart"... what is up with this?


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  • 7 girlfriends is questionable if he's under 18. To be honest, him having that many at a young age makes me think that he gets tired of being with the same girls quickly or he may be a player. It's dodgy any way. And he could be saying those things as excuses.

    If you do decide to go out with him, be cautious. Don't let him take advantage of you. If there's any more red flags, just let him go and move on.


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  • I say don't judge someone from their past (unless he was abusive). Sometimes they just run into a string of bad relationships and sometimes they're a player. But at your age, relationships aren't known to last anyways. So just have fun with it.


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