What would my ex think of this message?

I went on a date we had a good time and we ended up getting drunk drinking until the early morning and I sent her the following message

" Hey fiona Hope you got home OK. We had fun times tonight, let me know you got home OK xx"

I was so drunk I accidentally sent the message to my ex girlfriend. They are both under F in my phone contacts.

Obviously my ex didn't respond.

What would my ex think getting a message from like that 3 O'clock in the morning.

I feel a bit embarrassed but at the same time I don't care because she's my ex. We broke up 6 weeks ago and she's got a boyfriend. But after ignoring her for nearly a month she tried to get my attention and talk to me last week.


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  • she most likely thinks you did it on purpose to make her jealous, delete her number out of your phone lol


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  • She either thinks that its not for her and doesn't care. Or thinks that you did out of being malicious therefore playing a head game. Delete her contact for now that way it doesn't happen again.

    Now, you mentioned she has new boyfriend, does that bother you in some way that she moved on?

    Drunk minds usually are our subconscious speaking

  • I would think you sent it on purpose to make me jealous, and that you wanted me to respond.


What Guys Said 1

  • She probably figures it's not for her. Delete her contact just in case.


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