Do I make the first move to chat online with a guy I haven't seen in 3 years? What do I say?

We were in okay terms but not close friends. Last month I sent out group messages to like a page and he replied suddenly asking how I was. We ended up chatting for 2 hrs with me saying goodbye and him saying "Til next time. Anything...anything as long as it's for you' (currently 4 hrs away from each other). He said things like "I want to be your first client (we're in college), I'll do everything I can and even if I'm not the first, I'll still say I was first Because I really want to be :D!" I thought he might've liked me back and that he'd talk to me again once we both got online again but he didn't. It's been a month since. I really want to talk to him again but what do I say? I'm afraid that he'll just make fun of me because he knows I've liked him even back then. Maybe he was just being nice-- a genuine nice guy. I've never had a boyfriend so I don't want to seem desperate. Do I even talk to him again?


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  • if you've talked to him before I don't see why it be a problem to try and talk to him again , he is 4 hrs away so I wouldn't expect a lot from him but I don't see why he wouldn't at least chat with you if he has before .

    there isn't anything wrong with saying hi or sending him a very short message asking what he's been up to

    • Thank you. I did talk to him and we stayed up till 2am. It was okay but I realized that we were just two nice people who just had a lot of polite conversations. It's definitely unlike with others where I really laugh out loud a lot... hm...we'll see. But it's cleared some things. :) Thank you so much. That was a major milestone for me (<-- the socially hindered being hahaha) THANK YOU! :)

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