Do you hate Skyler White from Breaking Bad ? if yes ,then why so ?

Recently I've been searching on google about the show and I found that most people hate the character..

They even has a page on FB lol



She also gave an interview about this in a news paper.

So as I depicted in my question ,do you hate Skyler White ?

Thank you ^_^


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  • no, not really. She could be annoying sometimes, but I don't share the hate that so many people seem to have for Skylar (by the way, I find the name cool. Very futuristic XD)

    The person I don't like more than Skylar is Walt. He is greedy, whiny, and just behaves like a little entitled kid. And I can't say "greedy" enough. It's like making meth is his drug and if he doesn't get to cook, he shows withdrawal syptoms by whining and being agressive and unreasonable. He could also be a total douch, what he did with the poison in the cigarette was douchy.

    Jesse, however, is really cool.


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    I don't understant all the hate towards her, but I can guarantee you, she is the type of mother/wife who will be able to protect her children whatever the case. She is a badass, bitchy sometimes, but with good intentions. I don't hate her, in fact, I'm wondering how can you even hate any of the breaking bad's main characters, they're all awesome.

    • But didn't you find it wrong that she slept with another man just because she was frustrated and she also smoked cigarettes although she was pregnant , even after the birth of her child ?!

    • Didn't you find it wrong that White practically killed jane, risked a child's life, killed Mike and of course manipulating Jesse is wrong?

      No, not really. No hate for Walter White.

      But for a women who only made the mistake to cheat on her husband and smoking in one of the craziest atmosphere overwhelming by tension is BAD?

      That just make no-sense to me.

    • I agree..Walter White is portrayed as bright side of the evil and Skyler has similar but true negative role.

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  • Hate is a strong word, but in the beginning she was very annoying and so unnecessary. I always wished her scenes would end quickly. I've always wondered what Walt saw in her . She has gotten better but still...Out of all the main characters I'll miss her the least :(

  • Yeah, she's a horrible wife. She's almost as bad as Stu's wife from The Hangover...

  • Used to. Not anymore. She's turned around and is in deep with Walt now.


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