Do you know this feeling..?

Last semester I had a crush on a boy who is really cute and he was very flirtatious with me, he had recently broke up with his girlfriend... He asked my number and suggested to go out a few times.. Nothing ever happened between us besides the dairy flirting.

The thing is I got sort of ''obsessed'' with him (I thought about him all the time), when summer began we didn't keep in touch so I knew nothing about him for 3 months... Today I ran into him at campus, we hugged each other friendly and talked a little, and then he saw his ex-girlfriend and he called her by her name...And then I quickly said goodbye and left.

I thought I had gotten over him, but I guess I was wrong because I've been feeling down since then, I feel like my heart has been broken...

This is so unexpected, I didn't think it could affect me this way because nothing ever happened between us, have you ever experienced something like this before? Any advice?


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  • Not really, some people are just insanely friendly/flirty.

    Some people are 'players'.

    Some are flirty and have terrible memories and just forget about texting people.

    The only advice is the obvious answer forget him. Keep yourself busy with hobbies/work/friends.


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