How do I break the out of the closet statement?

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and have 2 beautiful kids, but I think I found out I might be gay and/or bisexual, how would I break this to my boyfriend and fsmily and friends
How would a ghy react in your perspective if your girlfriend admitted this?
Well, I've always found girls attractive, but just recently I feel that its something I offically need to admit to myself about. I'm just curious to how another guy would react to this.


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  • I would figure out first whether you are bi or lesbian. There's a big difference. If you are bi then you could still be together. If you're gay then that's the end of your relationship. So figure it out before you tell him otherwise it's just going to be a huge question mark in his head until you do realize who you are. Once you know, I would just tell him and if he's a good guy then he will support you.


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  • Have a conversation with them?

    • Update: Shocked, and my first thought would be why? since when? why didn't you tell me before?

  • How does one "find this out" exactly?

    • At least let me tell you how it will go: "Not well." Good luck!

  • Yeah I would have a discussion with him and him only about it at first. There is no reason his family would need to know or anyone else for that matter. Now if you're in fact gay, it is going to end your relationship for sure. But, if you are bi-sexual and he really loves and accepts you for who you are, then he may be accepting of it. Good luck!


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