I haven't heard from him in a while, should I just forget about him and move on?

Within the first week of August,I met this guy who seemed pretty nice and we live in the same building.He suggested that we go out and get drinks (this suggestion was through email).I gave him my number and he didn't call...at all.A little over a week later,he texted me that he is busy with looking for work,interviews for work,and he that he was subletting his apt for the second half of August.I replied maybe a week later since I was camping and busy,but I told him no worries and that it was understandable that he was busy,and maybe we can do something when he comes back.

I haven't heard from him yet,or at all really from that one text he sent.Should I just move on? Or relax since he did say he was busy and looking for jobs etc.


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