My husband wants a divorce. I dont, he asked me if I wanted 2 be put on his ins. til the divorce is final? idk

we have been married 8 yrs. he had an addiction for 6. I have been doing the Love Dare on him. its a 40 day love challenge based on the bible one cor. 13. We communicate openly now since I started it. this question of his has caught me totally off guard. I am not the same nagging wife I was. I have changed a lot. He has been talking about a divorce for at least a one 1/2 mth. but no papers yet. I am a little confused. So I don't know if he wants to see if my changing is genuine or is he confused. let me know
im asking what does it mean?

if someone wants a divorce don't they usually wnat you off their ins. not on it?


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  • How long have you been working on changing yourself? Has he voiced what his issues with you are? Is he a Christian? Have you had counseling with a minister, or preacher at your church?

    • Not very long. 3-4 wks. yes he has told me what is issues were with me. I agreed with him. He is a christian. I have brought up counseling since he got sober about 2 years ago but to no avail. he said we don't get along. the reasons that happened was because of his addiction. I was tired of being lied to and became rude, disrespectful and all that. So I started working on myself than a wk later he asked for the divorce.

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    • yes that's exactly what I do when talking to him. and I am going to continue with my counseling. But thank you so much for all you advice. I appreciate it. you are more than welcome to give more. living with a very neg. family I don't have a lot of good advice or help. lol so thank you very much

    • You're welcome. Just keep praying. Pray for patients.

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  • How could we possibly know that?


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  • why is it nagging of he's out of control and throwing all your money away and lying to you its not nagging its pointing out what needs to be pointed out. you being a nag is not the problem. He's disrespecting you and himself and his marriage. he needs a kick in the butt not promises of change. HE needs to change before you accept him back. not the other way around.

    • thats true. but he is wanting the divorce so maybe that's it. he doesn't want to change so why not get a divorce. and it was nagging. I became so angry all the time I always pointed out the bad, I lost respect for him.

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