Ex girlfriend behavior, what's the meaning?

Very briefly she at least emotionally as I've seen emails etc. became emotionally detached had all the signs of cheating. I left, withinin a very short space of time she 'found' someone (the same guy she was flirting with when we were together), it's nearly a year now and she randomly text my girl best friend and asks about me. I think it's Very cheeky of her to do this. My best friend of course showed me but I don't know how to respond. Could someone provide some insight?

Apologies the first sentence should read she cheated at least emotionally


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  • I think that she asks your friend about you on purpose and something goes wrong with her current relationship with that guy who she flirted with. May be she wants to know whether you are single and still interested in her. I suppose your friend can respond to that girl that you are quite happy now, things are going well. And then unless she is satisfied with the answer, she will ask more concrete questions - about a girlfriend, for instance. And everything will be clear. If you do not want her back, you may say that you date someone even if you do not.

    • I suspected the same, but why not just phone me? I am guessing she would of known my friend would show me and wouldn't be confidential so why creep around like that?

      Thanks for your answer by the way

    • I think that it is more confusing for her to call you, as calling/texting you she makes a sort of the first move but when she talks to your friend and for example, you decide to call her, she won`t be the one taking the initiative. This can be in her thoughts.I would not ask a friend of my ex about him out of the blue just for fun or if I have nothing to do not seeing this guy for a year. If she were happy with her boyfriend, she would not think of the past relationship.

    • Interesting. Thanks again. I too think its very strange to do something like this and find it puzzling

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