Is he shy or nervous? Should I make the first move?

Well I've been a workstudy at my school for the past one 1/2 years and this guy caught my attention since that 1st semester. A semester later he formally introduced himself and we would talk at school every time he had class. He'd always come and sit next to me at the computer lab and talk. He'd ask me, "same time, same place next week?" He always tells me "I hope I see again, I don't see you enough" and now he has classes while I'm working and catch him looking up at me when I pass by his class. He always gives me the gorgeous smile I can't help but love. I'm just not sure if he is into me or not. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much. I'd like to hangout with him outside of school and get to know him, what should I do? Should I give him my number?


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  • thats one problem you women have, I mean this very nicely respectable OK. your minds are always racking about lots am I right? It seems to be in the way in your case, its so obvious he likes you. you need to find courage to ask him. believe me its much easier for women to approach a guy than a guy approach a woman. ask him out to a local bar or if you don't drink a park

    • Thanks, and yes well I know my mind is. I guess sometimes I just need to get assurance from an outside point of view.

    • Happy I could help, good luck.

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