I'm not sure his motives

My boyfriend dumped me nearly a year ago and I took it pretty hard. I cut contact about six or seven months ago and he's been with the same girl for about six months now.

Anyway, I felt like sending him a message recently just sort of apologizing for being so upset and just about the break up in general. I don't know, I wanted to let go of some of that poison in my head, ya know? Well, he replies back almost instantly and apologizes, too. And then he mentions how he wants to keep in touch and suggests we even meet for coffee. Later he went onto my art blog and liked a picture of the new tattoo that I designed and got - he hasn't liked anything that I have posted in about a year.

I guess I'm just a little confused. I get apologizing, but he "fell out of love" with me and even has a girlfriend now. Clearly she has zero say in him keeping contact with me, even meeting me. I'm just confused by his wanting me around and taking an interest in me.

We were together for almost two years, by far his longest relationship. I have dated around a bit and mentally I'm beyond where I was, even when I first met him. But overall I have stayed single to work on myself, which I thought would be healthy.

Maybe he just wants to be "friends" or something, but why make such an effort when you have a new girlfriend strung around your waist, ya know? No girlfriend wants her boy hanging with his ex, ever. So I have to wonder if maybe he might miss me, even just a little.
I'm not sure his motives
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