My ex contacting me after 10 years

Hi I was with someone on and off for about 7 years it was casual for him but I kinda went along with it as thought so much of him. I would break free and be in a relationship with someone else but when these relationships ended we would get together again. Well after 10 years he contacted me again. I put it off for about 3 months after him keeping persisting. We finally met up there was some petting I did not sleep with him. Its been 2 weeks I will not contact him through fear of rejection. All sorts of madness is going through my head. Why did he contact me in the first place? Have I done something wrong? What shall I do? I feel deflated. I thought it would be down to him to make a move. Its bought back old wounds. After 2 weeks he's not interested? But I'm interested and haven't contacted him either please help xxx


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  • I agree with the anon guy. He's using you he's broken up recently, wants a woman and thought better than going out and finding one he might as well use you. Sorry if this sounds mean but some men are like that. Just ignore him.


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  • hes not that interested... if you want to try to make things work I think you will have to contact him

    • Thanks xper I suppose I should contact him at least I'd know were I stand! Ain't got the gutts to do it though lol thank goodness I didn't sleep with him hey! Would of been worse! Just can't understand why he contacted me in the first place x

    • Well I think he was curious about you two and wanting to see if it could work. Either he didn't think you guys clicked much on the date or he also was seeing some other old flames as well that piqued his interest more is my guess

  • He's using you as a rebound hookup. He gets out of a relationship, he wants to be with someone and he hookup with you as always. I've seen this many times.


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