Best story you have of getting back at someone?

My neighbors have these noisy-ass get togethers a few nights a week. I tell them to quiet down and they basically tell me to piss off, calling the police hasn't done anything. Anyway I live near the mountains and I have a night schedule so I go out in my yard for a smoke at like 2:30 AM. I brush my hands in the bushes so their dumbass dog barks really loud. The other neighbors call to complain and they have to get up to take him in LOL, all of a sudden noise is a problem now. Everyone thinks it's a possum or something. :)


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  • Some a$$hole cut me off so I chase him all the way and shut 'what the f*** is your problem a$$hole?!' and he bows at me

    • For-giv-uh-ness prease!

    • I did after I cooled down a bit :P

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  • i wouldn't get back with somebody

  • Congratulations on bringing yourself down to their level.

    • Thanks, sometimes giving people a taste of their own medicine is rewarding :)

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    • Neighbors could see the ad and call me. I knew someone who tracked down his stolen laptop that way >_>

    • And, that's when you reply with "I asked you to stop being so loud, you little sh*ts."

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  • Revenge isn't really my thing but I have gotten back at my younger brother and his friends for scaring the living sh*t out of me a few times. The paybacks were always 10x more scarier and funnier. If only I had a camera to record them each time lol.


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