IS this girl REALLY that mad at me or is she just pretending?

By the looks of her, you would guess I killed her dog or something but no, we used to get along but we probably had one misunderstanding too many and now she is mad.

While I would be OK with her not talking to me and being silent,she just goes beyond that. I cannot talk to her in a friendly manner, she gets mad because things "Are not ok"And gets irritated because I act like they are. Also, whenever I keep to myself and she has to say something to me, she is rude, slams stuff (notebooks, pens) at me and acts real bitchy. The thing that gets me is that, whenever I'm around, she has this EXTREMELY pissed off/serious look on her face, even if I'm not talking to her or bugging her, me being in the room makes her go all sour, if somebody talks to her she'll be OK but then she goes back to being all mad.

I know I screwed up and I have been REALLY nice to her and trying to patch things up, but she won't have it. SHe tells me to take her rudeness because I deserve it and mostly I do, but she will not tone it down. We used to talk allllll the time, bug each other, tease and laugh together but now she is like this and is like she completely forgot all the birthday surprises I prepared for her and a bunch of little, thoughtful details. She says she still gives me credit for those things, but is still pissed off.

The funny thing is that, although she won't talk to me, we can long as I'm not friendly, she'll get into an argument with me and we'll talk for a long time before we get interrupted and decide to stop...We even argue long distance, like if I write a note, the next day I'll see a reply to my note in a sarcastic tone, to which I answer and then the next day there will be another reply.

I just want her to stop being mad, I've told her I miss her but she just tells me she doesn't care. Is she going to stay like this?


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  • Well everybody has their limits and it seems to be you may have crossed hers. Nobody likes a douche so maybe all the teasing or whatever you did got to her. When I get me at someone I get extremely upset too so the best things you can do is apologize once and give her space/ time to cool off. And yes this might mean a week or two up to a month depending on what you did and how your friendship/ relationship is. You can never go wrong with buying chocolate or writing her an actual letter on paper expressing your regret. I know that if a guy ever apologized with a card chocolate and or a flower I would forgive him a lot quicker because us girls are pretty simple. Apologize when you mean it and tell her how you feel when you aren't able to communicate with her. Like for example "I miss you" and then show her you miss her and try to plan a day you can spend with her. However if a month passes and she is sill upset then the ball is in her court and if she decides to dwell on your mistakes then your relationship didn't mean much in the first place because whenever I get into huge fights with my friends I will always forgive because our friendship meant more than a stupid fight so if she decides she can't forgive you then it shows how she actually feels towards you.

    • We aren't dating, hell, I don't even think we qualify as friends. We are just classmates who built some kind of weird relationship because we spent too much time together due to our schedules. I'm just upset because she was a person I could talk to and she got my humor in a way that is hard to find. She was the one teasing me all the time, I would annoy her in return and we have had fights before, but made up. I understand that she is mad but I was never constantly rude to her, ever single day

    • Maybe she has a lot going on right now like bad grades or family problems. I know that when I get bitched at by someone I usually take it out on someone else. You should go up to her sit her down and ask her what exactly is bothering her. Tell her whatever it is she can tell you and trust you completely. Because if you didn't do anything wrong then something else on her life must be causing her anger and sadness.

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