Why is my ex still in contact with me?

I dated a girl for two months. Great times, great sex. She was a little flakey. She would not be around when she said she would. Would wait till the last second to cancel plans. Anyway, she went to a cottage (I promise you, I know for a fact she didn't meet a guy there), and when she came back she ignore me for two weeks. I got a hold of her, she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship, but wanted to be FWB. We made plans. She stood me up. She messages me two weeks later, says she can't even see me at all, and will give my stuff to a mutual friend. Then after I say good bye, she starts making comments on Facebook to me (which she hasn't done since we were dating), then she agrees to make a short film with me, she showed up to my apartment last weekend, and agreed to come this weekend.

She's still a little flakey, like I don't know if she'll actually come tomorrow, but she said she will.

My question is, what exactly does she want? I sincerely like her regardless of whether or not I f*** her, but why after all this drama is she still in contact with me. She's not nearly as available and nice as she used to be, but she still talks to me.

I only have two explanations, either her head is completely in the clouds and she doesn't realize how strange it is to be doing activities with someone you ignored for a month OR she is somehow trying to play hard to get and sort of me in my life, but act different? Or maybe she's just using me for the attention. Any ideas?


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  • She could just be using you for attention, maybe she wants to keep you around in case she wants to have sex at some point. Either way if she's keeping in contact with you but keeps flaking like this, it does seem like she's just using you. For what, who really knows. It might just be easier to cut contact with her... playing these games doesn't seem to be getting either one of you anywhere.


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