What if you didn't have any privacy with your boy/girlfriend?

I moved in with my parents after college, and it is not acceptable to be alone in my room with my boyfriend. My boyfriend moved in with his parents till get his financials steady, but he doesn't even have a room there. He sleeps on a couch in the living room. We have been dating for 5 months now and I am sick of meeting out, and having our cars as the most private place.

He wants to move out in about two months, but I am so tired of waiting that I don't even want to wait a single week. Am I being too impatient? What would you do ?


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  • Hang out in cars or get a hotel for a few days. Your parents are pretty conservative about this huh. I was alone with girls even as a young teenager. One girls dad made us keep the door open but still got to lay on her bed, and she had the strictest rules I've encountered.

    • Yea, and I am 22...

    • Yeah we were like 13 or 14 at the time. Oh well, soon you'll have a place.

  • Way I see it your choices are either to wait those two months or break up with him. The only other possibilities are going to a hotel, in which will only prolong the time needed to get your funds in order, or standing up to your incredibly conservative parents, and risk whatever wrath comes your way as a result. So, your two best options are either wait two months or break up with him.

    Yes I know how you feel. Yes I understand it's frustrating. I get it. It totally sucks.But yes, you are being impatient, and if he means anything to you, you wait. Do you think he likes the situation? I doubt it.


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