Does he really want to break up?

I met my now ex 4 months ago. At the time I was dating someone else and was very honest and told him. He respected that but stayed in contact. He's a musician so to express himself he wrote a song of how he felt which basically said he'll never give up which was true since day one he was very persistent two months later when the other decided to break up. My ex (current) got even closer. It took about a month until we became a couple since I wanted my feelings to be genuine and only have them for him. From that moment on we were always together, he hung out at my house every day, we went on day trips, he introduced me to all of his friends and family and looked so proud to say I was his and would always look at me like it was Christmas morning always asking how he got so lucky. I supported him at his music gigs, when he was over I cooked most nights and helped him during rough times even my dad reached out and he's the dad that won't even lend a stick of gum to his daughters boyfriend so he really liked him. He took time off with school and was in and out work. The only job he really committed to was the music lessons he taught house to house. Unfortunately it didn't pay much. He recently went back to an old job where he'd be driving a bus. Monday we were like usual he even looked at me like always. A couple days passed and we saw less of each other I though it was either his new schedule or me being sick until I got that gut feeling especially when he texted "luv ya". By Thurs night when he called I could hear it coming. I begged he do it in person if he cared. When he arrived he seemed passive aggressive like he rehearsed his behavior. My ex is the type of guy your mom would pick out. Not much swagger about him, courteous, and kind, but not totally spineless. He had zero empathy and his excuse is he doesn't have enough time for me and needs to focus on himself. I'm 24 he's 28 I just got my AA mind you after one changing my major and 2 paying my tuition out of pocket. Over a course of 5 years. Some semesters I had the money others didn't. By my final semester I worked two jobs and did summer classes to finish. I make a decent living but 80% goes to bills so I'm lucky if I have $50 to myself. My mother thinks he feels ashamed as a man because he can't level up to me and feels embarrassed I'm taking care of him when it should be the other way around. I've been dumped a lot and I just don't buy that he just woke up and felt different which is what he said. I feel like he struggles to focus on anything else but music. His family is really dependent of him he had to move back home and isn't stable financially. Is he pushing me away because of his male ego? Does he still love me but just doesn't feel worthy enough?


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  • well he seemed to fall for you quickly before you were even considering liking him. and people who fall in love quickly also fall out of love quickly, so it is possible. it can also be that he is wasting his life with that music thing and knows it, but denies it and pushes himself away from you because he doesn't feel good about his own accomplishments when he looks at you. so yeah he dose need to think about his own life more untile he gets it together, and without your help because he probably won't let you.


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