How do men feel after a break-up?

just curious if it bothers them... even in cases where a relationship was still new, still maybe even in the infatuation stage?

We had really hit it off, but certain commitments on his side, he commented he believe we could not have anything serious, so I responded by ending it then and there. I could tell that he was pretty shocked that I did that.

I explained it was not what I wanted in my heart, more just being rational to avoid getting hurt. I made that very clear so he knew it wasn't because I didn't care about him, but still, just curious how guys feel in these situations.


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  • Why would a break up be any less of a bother for men than it would be women? Men are people just as much as women, you know. So some guys can take breakups well, or really badly. It just depends on the person.

    As for your guy, in this situation, I assume he was just shocked that he got rejected because he probably assumed you'd be OK with fooling around, and nothing serious. Still, I think after a statement like that, unless he's a complete idiot, he probably knew that it would be a risk. He's obviously a little disappointed, but I'm pretty sure he'll bounce back and either continue on to somebody who want's something equally frivolous, or he'll find somebody he actually CAN picture a serious relationship with.*

    (*Depending on the reasons he can't see something serious with you. Because really, I don't know if it's because he's not looking for something serious, and just wants to fool around with people, or whether he just doesn't see you both as a compatible match for the long term or what. But his reasons do matter.)

    Either way, all things considered, if he doesn't see anything serious with you, I'm pretty sure that any disappointment he feels can probably fade pretty quickly given this situation, unless he is the kind of egomaniac who needs to have it all.

    Does this make sense to you?

    • Don't know why he'd assume that it was OK with me, because this issue of us living thousands of miles apart well I stopped contact before to avoid this, to avoid developing feelings for him; he got me to start talking to him again with "I might be better off if I moved there," and to now say again he has to remain in his country because of daughter made me feel deceived. It's like he wants to posses me, can't stand not being my #1, yet can't be here? I don't understand him AT ALL.

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    • Oh no, it goes to you for sure!

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  • It depends on the man and on the relationship. He should not have been shocked that you ended it given the restriction he applied. If he expected something else, I'm not sure what that would be. If you broke it off when no such restrictions had been voiced, then I can understand his reaction.

    • Well EXACTLY! Exactly right what you said! If you have the b*lls to apply that restriction, be ready for whatever reaction you may get. He was NOT, all trying to convince me we should still talk to each other blah blah blah. After what he said to me, I saw no point in talking to him anymore, being friends, NONE of it.

  • Like somebody took a sh*t on my heart mostly. But the numb feeling goes away with time and gives birth to cynical and heartless man-whoring :)


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