Is he considering us getting back together?

So the ending of me and my ex relationship was my fault I admit. I was being very insecure and I was sad. I thought he was acting a certain way to me because he was having problems. Well anyways he's been mad at me. It's been a week since we've spoken and I sent him a text asking are we officially done and if so than ill try and move on. He still hasn't respond.


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  • most men are very strait forward so if you say "we are done". the guy will most likely think that you are done. him just responding doesn't mean he is trying to say something, it just means that he is mad about the break up. it more sounds like you are considering getting back together, and if that is true, stay straight forward and apologize. and if you sincerely tell the truth on exactly how you feel then there will be less confusion for him and better results for you.


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