Did she give me her number because she liked me? Can't tell if she's interested or not.

Hi I'm a high school student. I recently moved to a new place and go to school there. I saw this girl before school even started at the registration but never got the courage to go talk to her because I've never had a girlfriend before so I was scared. Yesterday we had study hall together, she was sitting alone. I knew I had to do this so I sat down by her and we started talking. We talked about how we are both new and lonely at school. After a chatting a bit she GAVE me her number without me asking for it saying we could hangout at lunch whenever I want.I thought she was interested.

Later that night I texted her, we had a short normal convo getting to know each other better. But she slowly texted back the whole time.

At luch today I texted her if she wanna have lunch together, she said she was with friends. I couldn't hold on so I told her to have fun and ate alone since I didn't know anybody.

There's a football game at our school today, she asked me if I could come when we first talked but she never texted me about that so I stayed home today.

I know this is like I'm talking bad about her but no. She's a really sweet girl there are lots of good looking chicks at my school but she's the best to my eyes. Later today I saw her with a violin case. I was drop dead. She was too beautiful.

My questions are:

- Did she give me her number because she liked me or just because we're new that she felt pity on me

- If she likes me, what should I say to her to have lunch with me and let her know that I'm not seeing her as a friend.

Please Help!


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  • Well, she was probably new and wanted to make friends and saw you as an option for something more. If she hangs out with other people at school, why not ask if she wants to meet up outside of school, like the mall or something? And make suer you make new friends so she can see what a fun person you would be! Good luck :)


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