How many of you that are in a relationship still think about one of your ex?

I'm just curious to know how many people still think about their ex even those who have moved on to another relationship?


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  • When I break up with a girl, I kinda tend to isolate her from my life, I don't do well with ex's being friends seeing how we used to be very intimate and close.

    So when I'm in a new relationship, I don't really put too much into my ex's or neither do I talk to them anymore.


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  • I have a large picture of my ex and sometimes I tell my girl friend to glue it on her face when we make helps!


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  • i still think about my ex... he was a great guy and I miss him...but not in a relationship kinda way...but I do think id be a little jealous if I checked his fb page and saw him with a new girlfriend...cuz I lost my virginity to him and he was my first relationship so I still have some attachment even though I've very content with my new boyfriend.

  • A lot, unfortunately.

  • No. I mean, we cross paths every now and again since we were classmates, but I never think about him romantically. I'm with my new boyfriend and have been for years. My ex and I were never a good pairing.


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