I'm really annoyed,My EX-Girlfriend seems to be having a great time without me. Any advice?

I accidentally came across my EX-Girlfriends profile,And It looks like she's having a great time,She's always going "Hahaha" on peoples pictures and talking to her friends,I just can't believe she got over me after an 8 month relationship so quickly and we broke up jut 2 months ago,For someone with bad depression and everything could get so happy pretty quickly,I'm a bit annoyed,Cause she was always lying to me,So I broke up the relationship.

Any advice,Please...Thank you.


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  • People put up a front while on social media, so I doubt she's as happy as she is portraying herself if that's any consolation. There's even a possibility that she does it to annoy you. Secondly, this question is more in line with something a girl would ask. Ignore her and move on. Find something or someone that makes you happy.


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