Should I let her go?

Basically my girlfriend of three years went to school and she's been partying like crazy. Drinking every night and whatnot. Its been pretty hard, and I'm not sure I can handle the long distance.

So last night while she was drunk on the phone, she told me jokingly that she'd have more fun if she was single. Apparently at parties and whatnot, guys stop talking to her the moment she brings up her boyfriend. I was pretty insulted, and suggested we should just break up and let her be free. She told me the only way she'd ever break up is if she knew she could get back together with me when she comes home and after school. She said something like, short-term me wants to be single and long-term me wants to be with you.

Point being, should I just end it now and let her live her life? I tried breaking up with her and she refused.


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  • If my boyfriend told me that Id dump him the same day, clearly she doesn't love you enough to hold on to you. Move on and dump the party ho.

  • Yeah she doesn't appreciate you. she wants to have her fun and then use you as a backup. you can do better. a break might be what she needs to learn to appreciate you instead of random guys at parties


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