Was breaking up with him a mistake?

I recently broke up with my ex because he would not make more time for me. We live like 50 minutes away from each other. He only comes to see me one day a week on his day off. He and I used to work together and we didn't start talking till after I moved away. And he said he is a supervisor and can't help his busy schedule but always seems to have time for everyone else. I told him I wanted more time with him and he would just say ill try but you know I'm a busy guy. He also didn't try to fight to win me back or day he would change. My friend said you should let him choose whether he wants to see you more or not. Why should I be OK with one day a week? I was also suspicious that he had other women he was seeing cause he limits out time together but he swears he never cheated. I need advice.


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  • No you did not make a mistake by breaking up with him. Be strong and standby your decision! He is not respecting you and not appreciating you, by not fighting to get you back and not making time for you while he sees everyone else, honestly you are worth more than that. Forget about this guy and move on. Find somebody that really truly cares about you!


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