Boyfriend and I are taking a break. What should I do?

3 weeks ago, I found out my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years was messaging a girl on Facebook for a couple months. They'd been flirting and sending naked pictures to each other. Now how I found out, you ask, well I was playing a game on his phone and he has Facebook messenger app that automatically sends you notifications of someone who is trying to get in touch with you. Long story short, it popped up while I was playing a game. ANd this whole time, he was right beside playing video games while I was on his phone. Anyways, I left the room for a while to the bathroom cause I was in complete shock of what I just read and started to cry. All this time, I thought we were happy with each other. I mean we hung out all the time and were super close to where we talked about marriage and kids, etc. (He even gave me a promise ring) & his parents know that we want to get married one day. So after wiping all the tears away, he asked what took me so long, and right there I asked him calmly "If he was happy with me", of course he said Yes but after that, I told him about what I just read on his phone. Now the thing is, I wasn't mad... I was so upset that I didn't have the energy to yell at him or get mad at him. He told me (since we were in a LDR because he plays baseball on a scholarship) it was because he was lonely and missed me. He told me he was a complete idiot for doing that, and doesn't know how stupid he could be. I told him, that he lost my trust and if we were going to get passed this, then of course he would have to earn it all back. He agreed to work back the trust and make things right again. He told me he loved me and that he doesn't want rhis to ruin what we have in the future. The next day, we hung out before he had to leave to go back up to school and talked more about the situation and he said that maybe we should go on a break, because he doesn't want to hurt me anymore, and he feels very guilty and ashamed of what he did to me. He said he needed to think about us and over think on his choices because again he never wants to hurt me again. Plus, we also need to focus on school (for him being baseball) So I agreed, and we haven't spoken since...

I miss him so much, and even though what he did to me was wrong, I'm still in Love with him. I mean he was my "First" , as I was his.

What should I do? I have to be honest I've called him already since its been 2 weeks of being on a break and it was just the "howve you been" convo., which I probably shouldn't have called him. And now he's liking other girls's pictures on instagram, Including a girl I am friends with that he's never liked her pics before and told me he thought she was ugly and annoying plenty of times while we were together.


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  • he cheated on you and made an excuse which you fell for and he got away with it, then he decided to take a break from you and is now liking other girls photos

    he doesn't want to date you anymore I'm afraid, he's probably enjoying his new freedom and is going at it full throttle because he's never been with anyone else (sexually or maybe relationship too)


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  • He was cheating, do with that information what you will.


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  • idon't think he wants to be back with you


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